This year, for example, employees could sign up for a consultation with a psychologist. In this way, the forge has responded to challenging times in which many people feel under pressure. Employees took this opportunity to consult with an expert on what was bothering them at work and at home.

Physiotherapists in turn passed on advice on healthy posture in the forge. If a person is not careful in this regard, problems from an incorrect posture can be reflected in other parts of the body. Walking is also important, so the Trnava forge included a 3-hour course with a Nordic walking instructor in the beautiful surroundings of Smolenice among this year’s Health Day activities.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Union insurance company, several specialist doctors came directly to the company. Employees could have their eyes examined by ophthalmologists to see if they were suffering from myopia, hyperopia, glaucoma, and also to see if their dioptres were set correctly.

“At the same time, we ensured examinations of blood pressure, grip strength, cholesterol, blood vessels, kidney, and prostate screening, as well as body mass index measurement for employees.

Every year we lead them this way towards prevention, which is certainly better than curing serious health problems,” said Ivana Kajanová from the Environment and Occupational Safety Department.