During the month of June, Slovaks can apply for the nationwide competition “Do práce na bicykli” (bike to work). The competition also has its fans at HKS Forge in Trnava. This year three teams have been formed, each with four representatives, who are trying to cover as many kilometres as possible.

They compete for victory internally, but also on a national scale. Their employer welcomes and supports this activity. “That is why we decided to prepare a surprise for these active colleagues,” explains Ivana Kajanová from the Environment and Occupational Safety Department.

“One morning we were waiting for them with a generously prepared breakfast. Our cycling enthusiasts could enjoy stuffed croissants, buns, and fantastic coffee at a communal table.” The competitors commute to the forge by bicycle within Trnava, but some of them also travel daily from the surrounding villages, for example from Dolné and Horné Orešany or Brestovany.

Riding such a route is no longer relaxing, but rather a morning sporting activity after which a shower is surely of benefit. “We have such conditions at our forge, as well as a room where cyclists can safely store their bicycles”, adds Ivana Kajanová. Employees who participated in the nationwide competition will be awarded internally again this year. Last year, for example, they enjoyed spending time together in the Laser Arena and were also delighted with gift baskets.