It was confirmed, once again, that customer requests are driving HKS Forge forward. Establishing an inspection facility was essential for the final machining contract, and so a state-of-the-art device with an optical sensor that measures forgings in three axes was added to the plant. Precise measurements are the result.

"The device measures the entire workpiece and provides a measurement report. If the measurement is not correct, we set a correction on the CNC machine", explains Marek Rambala, head of the machine shop. The cutting-edge device that could precisely measure a human hair comes from Japan. The forge had to set up a new, year-round air-conditioned workplace for its operation.

"We lacked such a device in the plant and it limited us considerably. Thanks to it, we are now expanding our machining capabilities for other customers", said Slavomír Gregor, Production and Technical Director at HKS Forge.

The accuracy of the machining will be inspected via 3D measurement by trained technicians and operators. Currently the forge is starting the final machining and subsequent 3D inspection of the plates, which should be followed by the second forging, the pins. "The second phase is more demanding and we have to purchase a contour measurement device for measuring the roughness and radii on the pins", explained Slavomír Gregor.